Zone Services Help

If you're here, you might need some additional help. Below are some additional details on the services available to you. If you have more questions, email for more details or visit

Name Registration Selections

  • Register a new domain name: If you want to do this, you're looking to purchase a domain name that currently doesn't exist.
  • Transfer an existing domain: In this option, your domain exists with another registrar (ex. Go Daddy, etc) and you wish to transfer it to Dyn. By selecting this option, this process will renew the domain name for a one-year period (or the minimum registration time) after the transfer has happened.
  • None, keep in other provider account: If you took this option, then your domain is already registered with us or some other provider.

DNS Selections

  • Dyn Standard DNS: This option gives you complete DNS hosting for a single domain name in an easy to use interface with 75 zone records and up to 750000 queries per month. Personal and small businesses with low traffic but need reliable DNS services pick this option.
  • Secondary DNS: This is a redundant name service for domains you managed, otherwise known as a backup plan for whatever server you're running. Get up to 75 records per domain name and up to 600,000 queries per month.
  • I already have DNS service for this domain: In other words, you're all set with DNS from Dyn.